Company Background

Natural Synergies was established in May 2012 to develop and commercially establish environmental and renewable energy technologies aimed at minimising system entropy.

To date the company has been involved in two major projects. These projects are described in more detail below.

Company Future

Moving forward the company aim to continue to develop NS-SONEK their water treatment product and NS-ATAD their biomass power product into commercially available systems supporting clients in the UK and in developing countries.


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Research & Development

Both directors have significant experience of R&D within environmental and biological process development. They use these skills to innovate new commercially viable solutions suitable for use in the UK and in developing countries.


Development Sites

Currently we have two development sites - one in Westhay, Sommerset and the other in Avonmouth. Both development plants are fully operational.


Commercial Products

Moving forward the development systems will lead to commercially available solutions. Please contact us for further information.

NS-ATAD - Biomass Power

Wetlands Biomass to Bio-Energy Competition

The challenge was to make available and develop a renewable bio-energy system, integrated into wetland management which would be commercially viable.

Natural Synergies developed NS-ATAD which is a biomass power generator which uses Aneorobic Digestion. Wetlands biomass is generally speaking wet, so was ideal for this methodology.

Demonstrator is a scaled commercial facility, which results in potential gas production of ~ 25kWe.

Outputs from the system:


The generated electricity can be fed into the national grid.


The heat generated can be used to heat local community or small businesses.


The final output is fertiliser, which can be re-used in the local agricultural environment, thereby improving crops.

NS-SONEK - Small Footprint Water Treatment

Reinvent the Toilet Challenge

A community scale sanitation treatment system to serve over 2,250 people.

Natural Synergies developed NS-SONEK, their product that takes in human waste alongside other waste that causes harm to the community, such as clinical, household and industrial waste. These waste materials are then converted into useful by products: water, soil conditioner, ash, and energy.

The small footprint and quiet operation of pyrolysis unit makes them ideal for operation in developing cities.

Outputs from the system:


Filtered water can be used in industry or agriculture.

Soil Conditioner:

The soluble nutrients are concentrated into a nitrate and phosphate rich product, suitable for use as a soil improver


Inert ash suitable for use as a construction material or additive to soil.


Syngas is burned to produce heat which is used to maintain the temperature of the pyrolysis machine and excess heat is converted to electricity

About us

Natural Synergies have two directors, both with significant experience in this sector. They also work with carefully selected companies to expand their capabilities.

Victoria Melchor MsC BSc

Experienced in environmental and biological process development from plant design to commissioning and operations

Faisal Salam PhD BSc CEng MEI

Commercially focused innovator, experienced in anaerobic digestion, combustion, gasification and solar based RE system


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